Morocco Culture

Morocco Culture: Morocco is a country of multi-ethnic groups with rich

culture and civilization. Numerous races have come down to this hospitable country from different parts of the world: Berbers, Africans, Jewish, Europeans, Arabs and Muslims. They integrated in the Moroccan society and fused their customs and beliefs with the local ones which have impacted Moroccan culture and gave it a unique identity. Moreover, all forms of beliefs were to be conceived: paganism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam the religion that Morocco chooses to be the religion of the state; as a matter of fact religious indulgence become an integral part of Moroccan culture.

Old traditions are omnipresent in Moroccan community life such as fate, family life, honor, shame (hshuma), satisfaction; they are values appreciated and cherished by all Moroccans who are in general friendly and hospitable and are ready to receive the other with open arms and hearts; because this is really a component of their culture and give a real taste to their life.

Moroccan culture is simply a result of a fascinating melting pot, it is the consequence of the diversified geography, it is the tale of a rich history, it is the expression of the liberal spirit towards the religious and the ethnic subjects. All these factors make of Moroccan culture an interesting one and of preserving its special identity a priority of Moroccan society.

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