Morocco Language

Morocco Language: The classical Arabic is the official language of the

country it is understood by most Moroccans but it is not used in their daily speech. In fact French is the primary language; it functions as the language of administration, government, diplomacy, business and commerce. It is widely understood and daily used in education.

Morocco has four various dialects besides the Moroccan colloquial Arabic the latter is so particular since It is a kind of combination of Arabic, Berber and French dialects that’s why even Arabs of other countries find real difficulty in understanding it. The other dialects are Tamazight, Tarifit, Tashelhit and Hassaniya, they are Berber ones spoken by about 10 million Moroccans chiefly in rural areas.

*Tamazight: it is the Berber dialect of the central Atlas, spoken fluently by 3 million of inhabitants.

*Tarifit: a lesser used dialect of the Berber dialects, spoken by about 2 million people.

*Tashelhit: spoken roughly by 3 to 4 million, in the west south of the country.

*Hassaniya: spoken by more than 40.000 people in southern Morocco.

Fortunately to all tourists there is a variety of languages spoken throughout Morocco, Most of the population are bilingual at least half of them are capable of speaking French , 20.000 in the northern part of the country speak Spanish and English is spoken by a very considered number of people besides other foreign languages( German ,Italian, Japanese…...

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